training Muay Thai Trainers

The Muay Thai trainers at Tiger Muay Thai

Tiger Muay Thai has a team of over 30 professional Muay Thai trainers (or “Kru” in Thai) who are among the best in the world. Each Kru has years of training and fighting experience in Bangkok, Southern and North-Eastern Thailand. All have had long fight careers and many have won the most prestigious titles of the sport at Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Omnoi stadiums in Bangkok. Many have also fought and taught internationally in Japan, Europe and America.

The trainers are led by head trainer Kru Phet, who has been at Tiger Muay Thai since it first opened in 2003. Phet has degrees in English and Business.
Kru Kay, a very well respected trainer in the Muay Thai community, is Tiger Muay Thais fight manager. He arranges fights for the gym’s fight team and guests in the stadiums in Phuket, Bangkok and further abroad.

The beginner, intermediate and advanced/pro Muay Thai programs each have their own individual head trainer who oversees the training. The beginner program’s head trainer is Kru Dang, one of the camps most experienced trainers. The always friendly Kru Nai heads the intermediate program and Kru Robert “Terminator” oversees training in the advanced program.

Every trainer is also available for private lessons.

Kru Phet(Head Trainer)
Kru Kay(Fight Manager)
Kru Nazee
Kru Robert
Kru Sawatt
Kru Noom
Kru Moo
Kru Oh(Muay Boran & Krabi Krabong)
Kru Ngoo
Kru Don
Kru Komrit
Kru Thai
Kru Em
Kru Saksurin(Rajadamnern Champion)
Kru Ploidaneg
Kru Saksri
Kru Pong
Tiger Muay Thai Trainer Saeksan
Kru Saeksan
Tiger Muay Thai Trainer Oron
Kru Oron
Kru Da(Rajadamnern Champion)
Muay Thai Trainer Jongsana
Kru Jongsanan
Tiger Mua Thai Trainer Kru Sa
Kru Sa
Kru Bird
Kru Nong
Kru Paeng
Kru Pao
Kru Phet-ek
Kru Rolex
Kru Tukkatatong
Kru Kunchan
Kru Simon